AltEn Community Update

The below information has been provided in an effort to help keep the community informed on a more frequent basis about progress at the AltEn site. 

Ever since AltEn ceased operations at its facility in Mead in 2021, the AltEn Facility Response Group (FRG) has been voluntarily working under the guidance of the Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy (NDEE) to stabilize the AltEn site and develop a Remedial Action Plan (RAP) for the site. The FRG’s top priorities have been and continue to be to help ensure the safety of the surrounding community and environment. To-date, there has been no evidence of impacts to local drinking water.

The FRG is working diligently with the NDEE to identify the most effective and safest methods to address the current environmental conditions on the AltEn site. The remedial action plans (RAP) will recommend remediation for components remaining on-site, including wastewater, sludge, and wet cake.

June 21, 2023

AltEn Community Update

A progress report on the status of transporting trash (e.g., debris, soil, biochar, etc.) off site and steps ahead to mobilize and prepare for the removal of non-hazardous wet cake. 

Other Materials (Non-Wet Cake) Removal Progress

Several tons of debris, soil, biochar, starch, containers and other non-hazardous solid wastes have been removed from the AltEn site. Trucks began transporting these materials the week of May 22 and progress is on track to be completed by July 2023. 

Other Materials (Non-Wet Cake) Removal Photos - Before
Other Materials (Non-Wet Cake) Removal Photos - Before

Wet Cake Pilot Project Update

A contract is under negotiation to follow a general schedule of preparation in July followed by steps to solidify, transport and dispose of wet cake later this year. Up to 1,000 truckloads will move wet cake during this project. Best practices will be followed to mitigate dust and odors, monitor air quality and keep roads safe and clean. 

Solid Waste Pilot Project Update

  • Contract negotiations with contractor ongoing
  • General Schedule – contractor mobilization in July pending contract authorization
  • Pilot to consist of wet cake solidification and transporting up to 1,000 loads at a rate up to four trucks/hour
  • Dust and odor mitigation
    • Spraying access roads, wet cake piles and stockpiles with water as necessary to control dust
    • Covering open wet cake pile excavation faces and solidified material stockpiles with an odor suppressant at the end of each day
    • Placing solidified wet cake into truck bed lined with plastic and wrapping plastic over top of the wet cake and taping it down to reduce dust and odor
  • Air monitoring – visible dust and odor-causing substance
  • Truck tire washing prior to exiting the AltEn site and daily road cleaning of  CR 10