AltEn Community Update

The below information has been provided in an effort to help keep the community informed on a more frequent basis about progress at the AltEn site. 

Ever since AltEn ceased operations at its facility in Mead in 2021, the AltEn Facility Response Group (FRG) has been voluntarily working under the guidance of the Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy (NDEE) to stabilize the AltEn site and develop a Remedial Action Plan (RAP) for the site. The FRG’s top priorities have been and continue to be to help ensure the safety of the surrounding community and environment. To-date, there has been no evidence of impacts to local drinking water.

The FRG is working diligently with the NDEE to identify the most effective and safest methods to address the current environmental conditions on the AltEn site. The remedial action plans (RAP) will recommend remediation for components remaining on-site, including wastewater, sludge, and wet cake.

August 15, 2023

AltEn Community Update

Updates on the solid waste pilot project, water treatment, land application, seed disposal and other site activities.

Solid Waste Pilot Project Update

Site mobilization and pilot project preparation will begin the week of Aug. 21. The pilot will consist of transporting up to 24,000 tons of solidified wet cake between September and November 2023.

Solid Waste Pilot Project Update
Solidification Process Bentonite clay (natural material) is the solidification reagent – 8% to 15% by weight dosage Wet cake from the pile will be loaded into the pugmill through a feed hopper Bentonite will be fed into the pugmill from a silo and mixed with the wet cake Wet cake will then be conveyed to a lined stockpile and loaded into trucks for transport to the landfill

Pilot Project Process

Best practices will be followed to solidify and load wet cake for transportation, in addition to managing stormwater, mitigating dust and odor, monitoring air and cleaning both trucks and roads.

Pilot Project Process Stormwater management Work areas surrounded by berms to contain stormwater runoff Two sumps equipped with automated pumps will convey water to the Northeast Lagoon and then treated Dust and odor mitigation Access roads, wet cake piles and stockpiles will be sprayed with water to control dust Open wet cake pile excavation face and solidified material stockpiles will be coveredwith an odor suppressant at the end of each day Solidified wet cake will be placed into truck bedsthat are lined with plastic; plastic will be wrappedand taped over the top of wet cake Air monitoring Visible dust and odor-causing substances Air quality monitoring along perimeter Truck wheels will be washed prior toexiting the AltEn site CR 10 will be cleaned daily

Water Treatment Update

The operation of an improved water treatment system has started with positive initial results. Evaluations will continue and if positive results are maintained, more water can be applied to land.

Water Treatment Update Commenced operation of improved water treatment system Initial results positive – no pesticides detected in treated effluent More operating time needed to evaluate performance If positive results maintained, increases volume of effluent that can be land applied
Water Treatment Update

Land Application Update

Land application is planned for Fall 2023 with an estimated 20 million gallons used for land application. The properties on the map below have been identified.

Land Application Update Fall 2023 land application planned for October through November Properties identified so far shown on map Estimating up to 20 million gallons for land application Currently stored water Newly treated water

Seed Disposal Update

An estimated 6,675 tons of seed will be transported to a waste-to-energy facility in Tulsa, Okla. Disposal of seed in the South Hoop Building has been completed; disposal in the North Hoop Building is under way. The process is expected to be complete within five months.

Seed Disposal Update Covanta contracted for seed transportation and disposal at their waste-to-energy facility in Tulsa, OK Estimated total of 6,675 tons of seed Trucks are being covered, wheel-washed, and visually inspected before exiting the AltEn site Progress update South Hoop Building completed North Hoop Building under way Approximately 870 tons of seed corn have been removed Schedule Four to five months to complete based on an estimated average of three to five trucks per day May have more trucks on some days depending on transporter’s schedule

Fence Construction

A fence is being constructed around the AltEn site.

Fence Construction Update Fence construction around AltEn site starting Property line survey identified a small portion of the northern berm surrounding the wet cake is just beyond the property line Wet cake pile and berm will be moved back to facilitate fence construction on the property


The FRG will hold an open, informational community meeting at Encounter Life Ministries Church on Aug. 22, 2023. This meeting will be held before any wet cake is removed from the site. Please continue checking for the latest updates.