AltEn Community Update

The below information has been provided in an effort to help keep the community informed on a more frequent basis about progress at the AltEn site. 

Ever since AltEn ceased operations at its facility in Mead in 2021, the AltEn Facility Response Group (FRG) has been voluntarily working under the guidance of the Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy (NDEE) to stabilize the AltEn site and develop a Remedial Action Plan (RAP) for the site. The FRG’s top priorities have been and continue to be to help ensure the safety of the surrounding community and environment. To-date, there has been no evidence of impacts to local drinking water.

The FRG is working diligently with the NDEE to identify the most effective and safest methods to address the current environmental conditions on the AltEn site. The remedial action plans (RAP) will recommend remediation for components remaining on-site, including wastewater, sludge, and wet cake.

February 26, 2024

AltEn Update: February 2024

Mead community leaders are not holding an in-person meeting in February. In lieu of the meeting, the Facility Response Group (FRG) would like to provide updates about progress at the AltEn site.


  • As a reminder, the Solid Waste Pilot Project has been on pause since November 2023, with plans to resume in the upcoming months. Site mobilization is anticipated to begin in April and wet cake solidification and transport to the landfill resuming in May.
  • The Pilot Project is anticipated to conclude in July. The FRG will review data and form its analysis, followed by sharing its conclusions with the community at a time to be determined this summer.
  • The FRG and its technical team have continued working on site activities throughout the Winter months. This work includes soil and groundwater sampling and testing, seed removal and lagoon water treatment.
  • We have received results from subsoil samples taken from underneath the wet cake pile in November 2023. We continue to analyze the data, though we can share the results are promising, and we have no current health or safety concerns regarding the samples.
  • We will provide more detailed analysis after sharing and discussing results with the Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy (NDEE).

Seed Disposal

  • A total of 5,600 tons (transported by 271 trucks) of leftover seed was removed from the site through Feb. 15.
  • An estimated 250 tons of seed remain in the silo and removal is anticipated to be completed by the end of February.

Groundwater Sampling

  • The FRG will perform a routine quarterly groundwater sampling event in March and the analytical results will be shared with the community when they are available.

Water Treatment

  • A total of 18 million gallons was treated in 2023 and over 6 million gallons so far in 2024, bringing the total to over 70 million gallons. An estimated 45 to 50 million gallons remain to be treated, excluding stormwater that may accumulate in the lagoons. The FRG anticipates completing water treatment in 2024.

Land Application

  • The FRG has land applied over 50 million gallons of treated water to date and is currently planning on applying another 10 to 12 million gallons beginning in March in coordination with property owners and NDEE. Land application will continue in the Fall of this year and is anticipated to be completed in 2025.

Subsoil Sampling

  • As part of our on-site efforts, subsoil samples under the wet cake pile were collected in late November 2023. These samples were collected to perform an initial assessment of the soil quality under the wet cake pile.
  • The preliminary results are positive and do not indicate any health or safety concerns about pesticides in soil samples underneath the wet cake.
  • We look forward to providing a more detailed analysis after sharing and discussing results with the NDEE.
Please continue checking for updates and information.