AltEn Community Update

The below information has been provided in an effort to help keep the community informed on a more frequent basis about progress at the AltEn site. 

Ever since AltEn ceased operations at its facility in Mead in 2021, the AltEn Facility Response Group (FRG) has been voluntarily working under the guidance of the Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy (NDEE) to stabilize the AltEn site and develop a Remedial Action Plan (RAP) for the site. The FRG’s top priorities have been and continue to be to help ensure the safety of the surrounding community and environment. To-date, there has been no evidence of impacts to local drinking water.

The FRG is working diligently with the NDEE to identify the most effective and safest methods to address the current environmental conditions on the AltEn site. The remedial action plans (RAP) will recommend remediation for components remaining on-site, including wastewater, sludge, and wet cake.

NOVEMBER 14, 2023

AltEn Update: November 2023

Mead community leaders are not holding an in-person meeting in November. In lieu of the meeting, the Facility Response Group (FRG) would like to provide updates about progress at the AltEn site.

Solid Waste Pilot Project

  • The FRG has been working on the Solid Waste Pilot Project for several weeks. So far we have solidified and transported approximately 5,120 tons (245 trucks) of wet cake from the AltEn site to a landfill.
  • As we continue to make progress, we are cutting deeper into the wet cake pile. As we have previously noted, wet cake is a non-hazardous waste, though it does smell – and odors may noticeably increase during these efforts.
  • We are set to complete the Pilot Project by mid-November. The FRG will share preliminary findings with community leaders and Mead residents in December. Please continue checking for updates and information.
  • The Pilot Project will end in November because the colder temperatures limit the water supply needed for truck wheel washing and Posi-Shell/Odor-Shell application. In addition, the ability to solidify the wet cake is limited if temperatures are low enough to freeze it.

Seed Disposal

  • A total of 3,200 tons (160 trucks) of leftover seed was removed from the North Hoop Building. Seed transport and disposal continue with up to five trucks transporting seed per day.
  • An estimated 1,500 tons of seed remain in the silo. Seed removal should be finished in the next three to four weeks.

Water Treatment

  • Treatment of onsite water held in the lagoons continues to perform well and meet the requirements for land application. Operations will continue through the winter.
  • A total of 12.2 million gallons have been treated in 2023, bringing the total to 61.6 million gallons.

Land Application

Land application was completed on Nov. 8. Approximately 19.2 million gallons have been applied to 16 local fields.

A tractor applies water to a local field.

Subsoil Sampling

As part of our on-site efforts, we are collecting subsoil samples to ensure our sampling program is as comprehensive as it can be. Sampling will be conducted in late November.